Useful for systems with multiboot

Google Bard gave me in german + english a useful systemd service code for adjusting timezone at boot allready

Bards german answer

Bards english answer

Or, y’know, you could just have checked in the forum:

[root tip] [How To] Get your time/timezone right using Manjaro/Windows dual-boot)

It might be in English, but I’m almost sure the commands don’t need translating and the rest is very easy.


You answer is correct … next time :slight_smile:

… but Bards answer is simpler !

Simply merging the following as a Windows registry file is arguably the most elegant solution.

This effectively sets BIOS to UTC rather than Local time (as default in US). Linux is typically smart enough to adjust date/time accordingly in a multiboot environment; though it can sometimes take a reboot (or two) for it to stick.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


From that point forward, every subsequent Linux multiboot installation should automatically adjust to the desired parameters.

My take: The issue is caused by a design failure of Windows; let Windows assume the burden of repair. Linux already handles UTC with superior grace.


I’ve found the best, most elegant way to accomplish this, not too mention most reliable way, is to go get your Windows Installation media, use it to start a fire, with petrol if necessary, install Linux, preferably Manjaro but most, if not any distribution will do. Then sit back, and enjoy your freedom and time…works every time!

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And what to do with Fedora 38, that also changes timezone as windows does?

My previous answer will also be applicable to that:

Albeit with a few modifications.

Perhaps you could provide context?

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I have the perfect comment for that abominable AI overcomplication (to make a custom service to set a timezone which is already set and actually does not solve the problem, which is actually in another OS)

The real decline and tragic and slow death of humanity will start when humans start to learn things from AI…which is…obviously now.


It’s a sad day when humans become stupider and machines become smarter.


In Einsteinian parlance; there is no limit to human stupidity.


Another beautiful example. My last hope is that at least in the EU they still don’t use too much AI in the law enforcement. Companies already do and sometimes is impossible to asks for support because there are no humans and the AI bot knows only “it should have worked” . I recently had to verify identity remotely, which should be pretty simple process - you scan the id card and make a selfie…no amount of head turning, background change, shirt change, with or without glasses did the job…after 3 days and 3 calls with support, they just gave up and said…well, you know, you are not the first. After the last update in the software of our provider there are problems with german driving licenses…just use some other ID, preferably from another country…it took 10 seconds to work. But what if an average Joe never leaves the country and has no travel pass for example. So that is the state of AI today.

Don’t tell me; you were a huge fan of the Robocop franchise? :slight_smile:

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Seriously; AI is a growing concern, in so many respects, but we always knew it would be. The real danger isn’t from AI, but from humanity; and what may be done with it.

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity…


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