Used ctrl z to stop on 6000/43000 when getting ungoogled chromium from aur

Hello, fairly new user here, not too familiar with these kinds of things. I was trying to build ungoogled chromium from the AUR, and I had got the snapshot and untarred it, etc. I then ran pkgbuild in the terminal. It was on 6000/43000 (is that status of compiling? Idk I’m new) and I realized I would need to boot back into windows for school before it was finished, so I did ctrl z and stopped it. Is that good practice? Also is there anything additional I need to do before restarting the pkgbuild?

Hello @Phirhiris :wink:

Yes thats correct.

You need to cleanup and start again.

Hello @megavolt - thanks for the reply. If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly is involved in cleaning up? Thanks!

If you use makepkg then:

makepkg --cleanbuild

if you use pamac:

pamac clean --build-files

and rerun:

pamac build ungoogled-chromium

Hello, thanks again. Just downloaded the binaries instead and that was a lot faster. Thanks for the help.

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