Use zlib-ng instead gzip

PinePhone doesn’t so much performance on CPU and I saw Manjaro on PinePhone use gzip, it’s great, but do you hear about zlib-ng?

Here is benchmarks zlib-ng

Zlib-ng compression beats both hands down on speed. Zlib-ng is about 4x faster than zlib (w/zlib-ng minigzip), and 2.1x faster than stock gzip.

Zlib-ng decompression takes about 57% less time than zlib (w/zlib-ng minigzip), and 43% less time than gzip.

Zlib-ng loses a little on compressed size (due to 4-byte minimum match size instead of 3-byte). Level 6 zlib-ng loses with 41.038% vs 40.813% compressed size for gzip. Level 9 has 40.696% vs 40.549%.

Here is less than 1% different in the size, but zlib-ng is much faster than gzip.

zlib-ng is still not in in the Arch Linux repositories, I assume for a reason…

If you think there is a reason why this software not in Arch repositories. Let me ask you one question.

Why mhwd not in the Arch repositories?

Because it’s made by Manjaro.

Hmm and Arch repositories contain a lot of software from another creators - teams. So where is problem? Zlib-ng is much faster, have you read it about that or just refuse without any investigation?

The “problem” is, that it would be yet another package we have to maintain, since we get zlib directly from Arch. So it is extra work for the package maintainers to have it and it would replace regular zlib for all installs.

One does not just replace a core library on a whim. Many packages depend on it:

pacman -Sii zlib | grep "Required By"

If the Arch team finds it’s suitable, perhaps one day it will be implemented.

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Package in chaotic-aur can’t be used?

It’s not a question of the package used. Either way, Chaotic-AUR packages are automatically built from AUR packages (Hence the name? :wink: ).

zlib-ng is written in C, compiled packages will run only the same CPU architecture type on which they’re build, that package can’t run on any arm variant or i686, the AUR packager have been superficial and chaotic-aur packager blindly build it.

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