Use wifi network through ethernet port

Hi everyone, I’m trying to use my laptop WiFi connection through my Ethernet port to another device. Let me explain better the situation: I have an external board which has only an Ethernet port and no WiFi capabilities. My aim is to connect the board to my laptop through ethernet and use the laptop’s WiFi capability to connect the board ti the internet. I saw online that maybe a bridge can work, but I tried and I can’t manage to make it work. Can you please help me? Is what I’m trying to do even possible?
I am on KDE Plasma if you need to know,

Please use the search function - :mag: in upper right corner - you will like find other topics related to your requirment

I tried this solution via GUI, I just created a new ethernet shared connection, restarted the service and all. The external device manages to see the connection and receives an IP, but Internet doesn’t work on it. Is there something else I have to do?

Also, the shared network gets an automatic IP that is and I can’t change it. Maybe it’s for that that I can’t connect to the internet?