Use the same HD without format it's ok?

I gonna change this week my motherboard and the CPU. Can I use the same HD without format or can I get problema doing that? If so, how can I backup my configs/library in a fast way to recover?

To provide a proper answer share your current system configuration and provide some info about the new to be installed. You could start with:

inxi -Fza

Backing up of system files could be done via Timeshift, for example.

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first: a backup is always a good thing that you should do. backup to an external harddrive. a good choice for simplicity is rescuezilla. make a bootable stick, boot from it and make your backup.

changing the motherboard and cpu shouldn’t harm your installation but as said backup, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

to the same drive that he will use. what happens if the boot will fail ? the timeshift snap will be unreachable.

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Sorry I not specify.
I can’t do anything now because my motherboard died.
It was a h8ms1 DDR3 gigabyte motherboard with an Intel i7-4790 CPU .
I’m changing too a b350m ddr4 motherboard with a Ryzen 5 1500x processor
The amd rx580 driver gonna still the same as power supply and hard drive.

My system it’s a Manjaro plasma KDE stable.

My doubt its if necessary to recreate the boot or something like this EFI. Purge some configurations or something like this to have full normal access for drives to work and gaming.

Like usb a bootable live Manjaro disk and etc to fix something or any additional procedure, thx!
I have a mirror/snapshot that I save days before my motherboard broke .

Certainly not to the same partition, idealy to an external disk.

OK, this should be no issue as a kernel internal driver might be suitable.

You might be required to restore the boot loader.

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