Use rofi -show drun the dmenu


I want to replace the default dmenu in my manjaro i3 with rofi. I installed it and it worked fine. Now I downloaded an AppImage and created a symlink in /usr/local/bin. The issue is that dmenu find the symlink but rofi (rofi -show drun) not. Has anyone an idea why rofi doesn’t find the symlink?

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rofi -show drun shows .desktop files of installed applications, not executable files, like the one you mention in /usr/local/bin.

You can either create a .desktop file for the said application in the ~/.local/share/applications directory (see the Arch Wiki for more information), or try using the command rofi -show run.

rofi -show run shows executable files.

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Hello bill_t,

thank you very much. It helps me a lot. I’ll use rofi -show run.

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