Use NAS as centralized storage

Maybe this ist Just for my own clarification, meaning, maybe I completely misunderstood the while “NAS Thing”.

My use Case:
I want to use my (Synology) NAS as a centralized storage, meaning, keep my Data (music, Docs, Pics) Off my devices and store it on the NAS.
When I want to edit a document, for example, I do explicitly not want to download the file, edit it locally and upload it back, I want to open it from the NAS, as if this file would be in an external USB Drive (this also how I want to Access my NAS, from Nautilus, or any other App, If needed)

For Data Backup the NAS ist configured with RAID1 internally.

Ist this possible? And If so, how?
I am trying to get to this for two days now with my DS218 w/o any success.

The synology packages for my NAS only enable me to create either sync or Backup Tasks and schedules, which miss my use case as I want to keep the data off my devices in the first place.

Any help ist appreciated

I would say configure the NAS and automount it …
Then create symlinks in your respective directories to folders on the NAS.
(rather than actually mapping ~/Pictures itself to the remote location)

Then you should be editing ‘those’ files instead of downloading them or similar.
And it should be pretty simple while not interfering with the normal way the system works.

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You need to setup NFS or samba shares

It Sounds good, but I actually don’t know how to do this.

I would say the NAS is Set Up, I got folders, enabled NFS4 Protokoll, etc.

What ist this symlink?

As lolix pointed out above you may need to configure either NFS or Samba shares

There are probably some more guides around, even here in the forums.

@cscs @Lolix
Thanks fopr the help

The NFS way works as intended, the link to the ArchWiki for NFS is really good!

I came across this a few times in the forum, but was not sure, if that is what I needed - turns out it was just the ting :wink:

NFS mount and a networkmanager dispatcher script.

@cscs @Lolix

maybe one of you can help me with the last step - trying to mount the NFS shares automatically on boot.

So far, I mount them after every reboot using

sudo mount -t nfs -o vers=4 L***S:/volume1/NAS_MUCKE ~/NAS/Musik

And I tried to put this into the fstab file:

L***S:/volume1/NAS_MUCKE	~/NAS/Musik	nfs	defaults,timeo=900,retrans=5,_netdev	0	0

but this does not work, the share is not mounted on start - am I missing something?

Use a full filepath there instead of the tilde/squiggly, ex:

better, the mounts now appear directly after booting in Nautilus (in the left, overview, exactly like I wanted it!), but they do not work, only after I execute the sudo mount command as well.

I guess you could increase the timeo and retrans variables a bit.
There is also option retry such as retry=3

This is all because I assume it is some sort of race-condition, despite the _netdev option.
(the line looks ok to me, and seems to sorta work or be recognized)

Which is also to say that there is also always the systemd route.

Edit fstab (with proper values):

L***S:/volume1/NAS_MUCKE    /home/satansbraten/NAS/Musik  nfs  _netdev,noauto,x-systemd.automount,x-systemd.mount-timeout=10,timeo=14,x-systemd.idle-timeout=1min 0 0

Then execute

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl restart
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