Use /efi instead of /boot/efi

The Archwiki states that /efi shall be used instead of /boot/efi (/boot if using EFISTUB but doesn’t apply to Manjaro) EFI system partition - ArchWiki gpt-generator, bootctl, nspawn: EFI mount point handling updates by poettering · Pull Request #3757 · systemd/systemd · GitHub

Well, Manjaro uses grub and not systemd-boot by default and it works fine with grub. If you really need it, run the grub-install command with these parameters: --boot-directory=/boot and --efi-directory=/efi and you are done. Yes, you also have to change /etc/fstab :wink:

I personally don`t see any real benefit in changing the default behavior :man_shrugging:


Well, there probably isn’t much or any benefit but just to align more to the “upstream” Arch standards.

And BTW, --boot-directory is /boot by default.

I don’t think it says that at all. It lists typical mountpoints and there is a tip stating that /efi replaces /boot/efi with a link to a github comment that is specific to systemd-boot.

The Arch wiki is a great resource but it is a community maintained wiki, not a gospel of Arch standards. Arch is rarely prescriptive in that manner. I don’t think that mounting the ESP to /efi would make Manjaro more aligned with Arch.

Using /boot/efi when using grub is the most common approach. While it certainly could be moved to /efi, I am not sure I understand the point in making that change.


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