Use ctrl + alt as alt gr

I recently installed manjaro on my laptop and it’s been working great apart from some small hiccups.

One of them is that I need to press the alt gr key to access characters like @ on my keyboard when in windows I can press ctrl + alt to do the same.

I use the finnish no dead keys layout and it works great using alt gr. I also messed with some of the advanced keyboard settings in plasma and was able to get ctrl+alt to work but it broke shortcuts like ctrl+c,v and alt+tab.

I also googled for some help but most results required me to know how to setup keyboard profiles or something using config files and I wasn’t able to figure out what changes I should have done.

I don’t know how to dow this in plasma, but you should be able to do this with autokey

pip install autokey

haven’t used it myself yet, but I am planning to do so soon.

Best Regards, Julius

I tried the pc-98 fix but it didnt work and altgr remained the key that I needed to press.
I also tried the autokey fix and it worked somewhat better but still had issues with wine apps as they didn’t work propertly.

Also your assumption on my age is quite wrong. I wasn’t even alive in the 1980s. I guess that it is weird in some way that I use the ctrl+alt instead of altgr but that’s just how I’ve learnt it and after using it for years and years it’s not exactly easy to switch.

I’m an old fart and remember the IBM XT Keyboard… Sorry to have sent you on a wild goose chase!


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