Use Breeze theme from KDE on Gnome for Qt Applications?

Hi everyone,
can I somehow force Gnome/ Qt to use the Breeze theme from KDE for Qt (5/6) applications on my Gnome desktop?
The reason why I’m asking is that Okular, my PDF reader, looks really weird on my Gnome Desktop.
I wasn’t able to find any good Kvantum themes that could mimik the real Breeze theme and I don’t want to use the standard Adwaita theme in Qt5CT doesn’t look as good as Breeze.

Gnome (note especially those Icons in the top left corner, they are way too bright)


If you can suggest me any other theme that could make my Qt apps more or less usable, feel free :slight_smile:


That is the only tool you can set to Breeze Style under Gnome DE.

But you also have to change Icon Theme in the third tab. Then you have to enable Annotations in Tool tab under Okular, so then it will look like this:

Have you checked KDE store

Read this.
Focus on these variables

You can do it per application basis, I mean running app like this

QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=breeze-dark okular

Maybe this or this will be helpful. But I am on Plasma so I can’t test it.

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Thanks for the hint.
I already tried to set it to Qt5CT, but I wasn’t able to find the Breeze theme but then I realized that I have to install the “Breeze” package before.
Now, the style and the icon theme does indeed appear and after I activated it, Okular looks like on my KDE desktop :slight_smile:

I have already tried a few Kwantum themes, but none of them looked good in all apps.
Good to know that you can overwrite the theme per application, but the Breeze theme seems to work for most apps, so I will stick with this.

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