Use Android Smartphone as Microphone

I have no microphone on my Main PC, but I need one tommorow for a meeting. Because I don’t want to use my old Notebook, I had the idea to use my Smartphone as Micro. has anybody a idea how can I archive this. I alredy tried Droidcam Wo Mic and Iriun Web Cam. The video works in Droidcam and Irium without any problems, which is nice to have but not required. WO Mic is for Sound only. None of them has a working sound. Does anybody know another program or know how to got sound working? snd-aloop is already loaded.

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Hi @JakobDev,

a Quick Google led me to this answer:

If your phone has an audio jack, you can connect an aux cable from it to your desktop’s microphone jack. Then just install an app that redirects your phone’s microphone input out of the speaker such as Microphone. Note: Make sure you have your phone’s volume off mute.

Hope this helps!

Could not kde-connect do this?

Maybe. I honestly don’t know. Didn’t even think of it, so maybe…

And I dont use smartphones. :crazy_face:
Together we might figure it out.

Well, me neither. But it’s wasn’t really my descision. But I do have my tablet though. And I use KDE Connect with it. But I don’t know if it can do that. I doubt it, in fact. But I’m known to have been wrong in the past,so I guess anything’s possible. :yum:

Unfortunally I have currently no AUX cable, so this doesn’t help

I use KDE Connect for years, so I know, that KDE Connect can’t do this.

All programs that I tested say something with ALSA Loop. Could this be the problem?

Another approach could be joining the meeting twice: once with your PC and once with your smartphone.

I do that occasionally because MS-Teams is the devil’s spawn.

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Well it is right there in the name :smile_cat: