USB tethering not working since iPhone upgraded to iOS14

Hey guys,

So while on iOS 13.3, I had no issues with USB tethering

Upgraded to iOS 14.0.1 yesterday, and though it shows as USB Tethering connected, there is no internet on my laptop (running Manjaro Gnome and fully updated as of today!)

To add, WiFi hotspot still works well - even after upgrade.

On my Windows 10 machine, both USB tethering and WiFi hotspot works fine.

I spoke with Apple Support and they don’t seem to know of this issue. Although there are many online complaining of the same issue I’m facing - even if they are on a different Linux build.

Moreover Apple Support says that there might be compatibility issue and I must speak with Linux support regarding this.

Is anyone facing the same issue? Can someone help?

I find it funny that they don’t read there own board as it seems.
Because there are many complains about it

The community is looking into a solution but there are some strange issues.

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Thanks for the update.

There’s a working patch just available on GitHub to change the kernel. Any chance of a repository update ?