USB mouse randomly stops working

My USB mouse randomly stops working, and I suspected it was due to an OS upgrade I ran the same day, but changing kernels up or down etc didn’t make any difference.

I can re-activate the mouse by simply un-plugging and plugging it back into USB, but then randomly it ‘dies’ again.

There is nothing in logs (journalctl -xe, nothing in any logs in /var/log/). When the mouse stops working, lsusb still shows the mouse active.

I’m out of ideas - anyone?


I had kind of the same problem, but I found this app called “sonaar” and it works fine now.

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Ok what is even more weird is that going into console via ctrl-alt-F4 and back via ctrl-alt-F1 brings the mouse back to life. But then it keeps freezing over and over so I assume it’s got to do with KDE?

In my case i had to install a specific driver for renesas chips ( for the usb-chip in my computer)

I had a warning when creating the inital ramdisk (mkinitcpio) which complained about the missing driver :wink:

Probably usb autosuspend? Check:

sudo tlp-stat --usb

There should be printed control = on for your input device or Autosuspend = disabled.

good idea but this isn’t installed

If it is not installed, then it will default to autosuspend status for every usb device. Usually you can get the status also like that:

cat /sys/bus/usb/devices/usb[0-9]/power/control