USB Installation using macOS (Gnome)

Hello! I am looking to create a Manjaro install usb from macOS. Since I’ve had years with a USB keychain with 6 keychains and only the Manjaro one is empty. This keychain has USBs for OSs and is to be used in the future. I am so close to completing it and I’m planning to use it for Mac, PC or any computer I encounter, (of course, with the same architecture). Thanks in advance for any help. In case you’re curious, I have Windows 10, macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave, Manjaro, (not ready) and Ubuntu.

Manjaro on macOS dedicated hardware is a doomed experience.

If you insist - you can use dd to create write the ISO to USB - no other methods macOS or otherwise is supported.

Note: If the software used is using a bit wise copy between devices it may be supported - the requirement is the ISO file must not be altered during the copy/write process.(examples of apps which mostly works is Rufus and Etcher)

ok! But what format should I use? And how should I install GRUB? Or should I install GRUB? I am very confused. I was able to create this installer with Ubuntu easily.

No format - a simplified command

sudo dd if=/path/toiso of=/dev/usbdevice

ok, thx. Will do so.

It’s working so far, it is still flashing using dd. TYSM!!!


This tutorail can help you: How to setup Manjaro Linux i3 on a Macbook Pro — lobo_tuerto's notes

It’s 3 year old but il’s a good start.


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