USB HDD is mounted at /run/media/root/. Use my account?

When I plug in a USB HDD, it gets mounted at /run/media/[my account], automatically. But if I plug in another USB HDD, it gets mounted at /run/media/root/, and thus is not accessible. I do not know why it is happening, but this is probably because I used this disk when I logged in to the desktop as root, before.

How can I make this HDD act like the other HDD and get mounted under /run/media/[my account], instead of /run/media/root/, when I plug it in?

The folder /run only exists on the RAM, therefore a simple reboot should revert it. Expecting you didn’t save the mountpoint somewhere.

Well, I rebooted and mounted it again using Gnome Disks, and now it is under my account. I am not sure if this was caused because I had been logged in as root in XRDP (the fact that I am not sure of is whether I had logged out as root from XRDP, or just closed the XRDP window). I do not want to log into desktop as root, but XRDP has problems with the authentication dialogue.

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