USB HDD doesn't show up after plugging back in

I unplugged my USB HDD trying to find my USB-C Cable I had plugged in the back of my System. After putting it back, it wouldn’t show up on the Desktop or File Manager.
Using Xfce if that matters.

I had to Reboot… Yes I unmounted the Drive first before pulling the plug. I looked at the BIOS Settings but didn’t find anything related to this.

Any reason why the HDD wouldn’t show up after plugging it back in the back of the Rig? AFAIK PCs don’t notice any difference between USB HDD and Flash FOB.

Any Fixes I can do to change this?

Could possibly be power-saving settings or even more likely something funny about ID/mount-point being ‘still in use’ or otherwise scrambled.
Why do I think so? Just from seeing similar symptoms before. But no other reason :wink:

We used to have a resident ‘drives/mounts’ expert … but I think they have ascended to the ether.

Thanks. I’ll try to see if any Power-Saving Features need to be turned off in the BIOS. Anything I need to do in Manjaro to ensure Sleep is turned off?

A lot of the basic options are exposed by your Desktop settings manager.
But you may want to look into TLP settings if you use that - the config is just text files unless you use a tool like tlp-gui.

(heck, for a quick check you could also just disable TLP to quickly see if its related?)

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