USB Hard Drives "Missing" from Thunar (But Showing in Disks App)

After an update recently, when I went mount my external usb drives I discovered they were missing from the list. After testing my hubs, switching cables, plugging in direct, and powering on/off, I noticed that if I opened the Disks application (gnome disks I believe) the devices show up fine in there. Is there a workaround for me to mount these devices, or is there something I can try to make it show these again within thunar?

Also, I tried seeing if it would show in a sudo-thunar instance, but nothing there either.

I feel like i’m missing something obvious here…

edit: also seems to mount fine using the mount option in disks…is something wrong in thunar?

edit: To further add, after mounting in Disks, the drives show in thunar until they are unmounted… then they disappear again but still as before show in disks app and can be mounted.

Have you configured their mount points? Or do they use their default mount points?

It’s just whatever is default, they’re just usb external drives that normal would just show up in thunar and I’d mount them manually within thunar by clicking on them. Now thunar just doesn’t see them until I mount them using the disks app. Not really sure what changed.

I mean all the files that reference those external drives work fine when I use them after mounting them in disks. and it shows in thunar after that, but not when I unmount them (normally it’d show as a unmounted drive of course, but not now…at least in thunar)

I did a couple updates since this and used the disks app to mount the drives and since then, the problem seems to be gone? Not sure what happened, but still confusing.

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