USB devices not working on startup

Hello Everyone,

I hope this question isn’t asked somewhere else. I found similar problems but none of their answers didn’t work for me.

I am new to Linux/Manjaro and installed the newest 64-bit version. Everything worked fine (I think), with the live version and later the installed version. But I was prompt that there was a new version I could install. But this messed up something. When I power-on or reboot my machine my USB devices only started to work after a minute or so. These devices work properly, before booting Manjaro and booting in Windows.

I tried to uninstall power management. But with no result.

Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thanks!

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The easiest thing to try first in such a situation to install and run different kernels. Have you tried?

Is that a package? Never heard of that.

The easiest fix would be to disable or better uninstall tlp:

See this thread:

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