USB-C port stopped working


I just made an update and my usb-c ports stopped working.

Not I am not sure if it is because of the update, because right before doing it someone unplugged something from my usb-c port violently :slight_smile:

So I just want to make sure if anybody else also has this problem after the update, and if you know any solution.

I am on a Huawei Matebook 15 laptop from 2020, and I had absolutely no problems with the ports up to this point

If the update included an update of the kernel, then you have to reboot.

To see what is going on when you plug in a device:
journalctl -f
(-f stands for: follow)

you will see what the system sees at that moment in time

It’s unlikely that the update was responsible - but you can always try a different kernel.

Just tested: stable, latest update, kernel 6.6, xfce - it works.