Urxvt: change font size on the fly?

Using latest Manjaro i3wm edition, and its default terminal “urxvt”.
I would like to be able to enlarge the terminal font on the fly.
I have tried all suggestions in the two links below, both to no avail.

Anyone out there been successful doing this?


It could be a font configuration issue on your side.

As stated in the Github page of urxvt-resize-font, you have to specify the default font size using the size or pixelsize attributes.

The example from the Github page

urxvt.font: xft:Inconsolata:pixelsize=12

should work - at least it worked on my side.

Also, although it’s stated that fixed fonts are supported, using the default font configuration of the i3 edition didn’t work for me.

After changing the configuration to (for example)

URxvt.font:  xft:TerminessTTFNerdFontMono:pixelsize=14

the font resizing worked as expected.

Give those examples a try - don’t forget to run xrdb ~/.Xresources after making any changes in the ~/.Xresources file - and see if they work.

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Thanks! Worked perfectly…

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