Urgent help needed, cannot boot after a routine update

I’m not sure what did go wrong. But after a routine update which finished successfully and then requested a reboot (but I didn’t reboot right away, I did so after 10 minutes manually). Once rebooted, the 3 dots go on for some time (may be 5 minutes) and then they disappear and only the Manjaro logo remains. And it gets stuck there.

After waiting a long time, I hard restarted the system (a few times already) and each time, it ended up in the exact same place. I do have access to grub and I have tried to boot to “fallback” option but it’s behaving exactly the same.

The TTY (alt+ctrl+f2) does not work and I cannot see what’s happening behind the scene.

I appreciate your help. And I need to my computer back for tomorrow is Monday and this is my work laptop. Thanks.

One last thing, the hard drive is encrypted.

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try other f keys instead of only f2, from f1 to f6 to enter into tty…
do you have more kernels installed than one? if yes try booting with them…
are you using nvidia?

If I recall correctly, press ESC gets out of the splash screen into a text login prompt

I appreciate everyone’s help. Unfortunately, we’ve lost the patient. And I had to install a new instance.

It’s just that nothing was working. I didn’t have access to TTY (F2-F12). Even paying the ESC key did not hide the splash screen so I had no idea at which step it’s failing.

I couldn’t wait since I needed my laptop for today’s work. So I extracted the data using a live USB instance. And then, installed a new OS.

Thanks again to those who tried.