Upgrading Thunderbird 68 to 78

The ability to upgrade from Thunderbird 68 to the latest, version 78, was initially held back for a long time due to issues with Enigmail going away and being replaced with OpenPGP, and OpenPGP wasn’t quite ready.

I believe as of late September, it’s “ready” and you can upgrade. Windows users have the option to upgrade within the app (Help | About), which suggests that it’s ready for prime time.

I’ve not seen 78 in the official repository yet. Anyone know what’s the hold up?

It gets currently prepared by upstream

Awesome, thank you for the reply (and link). I assumed as much, but didn’t know where to look.

There is the arch package page (Arch Linux - thunderbird 68.12.0-1 (x86_64))
and then there is Manjaro’s branch compare to track package versions across branches.