Upgrading palemoon

After my latest Manjaro upgrade I lost Forefox again…but got the ‘developper’ version. So I decided to use Palemoon. It tells me not all security patches are upgraded. How do I do this, please. Step by step if possible

palemoon-bin is currently at version 29.2.0-1 in the repositories across all three branches ─ Unstable, Testing and Stable ─ as well as in the AUR. So if you’ve kept your system updated, then you should be at the latest version already.

I updated all 2 days ago that is when Forefox disappeared. PLease, what is the commande for Palemoon. I am frightened to upset the whole system.
Thanks for your answer

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean. What command do you need? For installing it?

sudo pacman -S palemoon-bin

just for upgrading it

You cannot upgrade a package that is already at its latest version. What version could you possibly upgrade it to?

No idea it is just that I got a message this morning to say I didn’t have the latest security patch

I would just ignore that message if I were you.

will do, thanks :slight_smile: