Upgrading from Manjaro 20.0.3 to 20.1

Hey guys, I’ve uninstalled Manjaro for some really stupid reasons and realized the distro I replaced it with, sucks! So I want to come back, however when I go to the Manjaro website I see that Manjaro is at 20.1 now and I only have the 20.0.3 iso downloaded and my internet kinda being bad rn so really don’t want to wait for it to download, so I was wondering, If I installed 20.0.3, and just ran a normal upgrade would It bring my system to 20.1? I know that when it comes to something like ubuntu you have to completely reinstall in order to get the latest version, is it the case for Manjaro as well?

Of course you can update to 20.1, but you’re gonna have to download so much packages that i think it would be much faster if you download de 20.1 iso and go from there


You don’t need reinstall, upgrade version or making other odd things like Ubuntu. Just install 20.0.3 iso and make ordinary update. Of course update will be bigger than with 20.1 iso.

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Thank you for the reply I will take your advice and download the iso instead

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