Upgrade to wynsdey and balenaEtcher wont start

I upgraded to Gigabyte x670 about 10 days ago, so I’m on a new platform, foolishly I also upgraded Manjaro to Wynsdey and I can’t seem to get balenaEtcher to start. Ive deleted the app and reinstalled, no sucess. Dont know where to look in a log to see why the reaction when taping the launcher… Journal shows nothing of interest.
Not sure if this matter but Solitare launcher disappeared at the same time, not positive about the time as solitaire launcher is there for grandson to play…It also wont start after installing…

One method to get feedback from the app is to run the binary if from a terminal.

If you are not sure about the name of the binary - you can use tab completion to get an idea

Enter balena then use Tab to show possible completions.

A guess - since balena etcher is an electron app - it may no longer be compatible with the version of electon installed.

Rebuild balena aur.
If that does not help, there is an appimage on their page.

I downloaded the appimage and it still wouldn’t start, so I marked the file (In the download appimage) executable (Its a tick box) and lo and behold balenaetcher started so I built a launcher and I back and running. (Still can’t get solitaire to run…:-))