Upgrade fails due to nvidia

Running Gnome 40.4.0 on 5.14.13-1-MANJARO. It has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti/PCIe/SSE2.

When I tried to upgrade using sudo pacman -Syyu, it produced an error:

installing nvidia-utils (470.82.00-1) breaks dependency 'nvidia-utils=470.74' required by linux512-nvidia

What should I do to proceed with the update?

You should uninstall your kernel 5.12 as it is EOL.


@maycne.sonahoz Sorry for replying so late.

But uninstalling Kernel 5.12 did solve the problem.


Man this is ridiculous… I think MSM should have a periodic job checking for EOL kernels installed on a user’s machine and notifying if found any… So many “issues” could have been “resolved” with a feature as simple as that.

AFAIK it already has.

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