Updating software after first bootup

Hello all,

I just downloaded Manjaro KDE Plasma and am having some updating issues. For some reason every time I try to update the repositories in Add/Remove software, I keep getting an error message saying, “invalid or corrupted package:”.

Now, I tried to update just one at a time, starting with Firefox, to see if maybe I had to hunt down a certain issue, but it then told me,
"could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing pciutils breaks dependency ‘pciutils’ required by alsa-utils,
  • if possible, remove alsa-utils and retry
  • removing hwids breaks dependency ‘hwids’ required by systemd,
  • if possible, remove systemd and retry".

I kept adding more and packages but it seemed to not end, so I figured I would ask the forum to help.

Also I added kernel 5.15 and removed 5.13, because it requested this at one point.


I do hope when accessing the forum is obvious enough that people can perform a search, especially when comes to something specific like

I will not enumerate all the results, but just some …

and the wiki Pacman troubleshooting - Manjaro

Partial updates are NOT supported!

How did you ended up trying to remove packages in an update process, and especially core packages ?

Please take a look at System Maintenance - Manjaro