Updating only main packages of Manjaro (Excluding KDE-Packages etc)

Hi Guys, Currently I am in a remote area. I don’t have any access to unlimited internet. I am on a limited mobile data. I cannot afford to completely update my whole Manjaro-KDE System, which is around 1.6 GB.
Is it possible to update only main packages i.e. excluding all kde-packages ?

Thanks in advance

While it is possible, it is strongly discouraged and not supported.

It depends which packages you want to update, some require specific versions which you will not have anymore because of the partial upgrade.

That being said, especially browsers should be upgraded as soon as possible, so you could do a pacman -S firefox which will only upgrade Firefox.

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Thank you for your reply. I know this type of partial update can break the system. Actually I want to install base-devel packages but it is showing me this error.
Error :- installing libelf (0.185-1) breaks dependency ‘libelf=0.183’ required by lib32-libelf

Any way to fix this…

Exactly the case from my middle paragraph. You can’t partially update base packages because they provide basic (hence the name) packages and libraries that are needed.

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