Updating of Manjaro not possible because of missing dependency

Hello, I’m new to manjaro and somethine I don’t know how to proceed.
Example: Since today updating manjaro isn’t possible, because the updating breaks up at the beginning with the following message in german:

Kann Abhängigkeiten nicht erfüllen:

  • nicht vorhandene Abhängigkeit ‘libxcrypt’ benötigt von perl-cpanel-json-xs

In english (translated by myself):

Can’t fulfill dependencies:
- non-existent dependency ‘libxcrypt’ required by perl-cpanel-json-xs

But there is no single information update what update package exactly. I would just leaf that package as it is and update the rest.

Thanks for a help.

First I would clean the pacman cache by

sudo pacman -Sc

and then make sure you used the best procedure to update

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

If there are errors or warning, please copy them completely and post them here.

perl-cpanel-json-xs is an AUR package. If this really stops you to update your system you should deinstall it and if you need it reinstall afterwards.

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Thx, that worked out! :slight_smile: :grin:

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