Updating arch linux keyring taking a long, long time

I’m a newbie on manjaro, and on this forum. I’m running Manjaro Linux ARM MATE on a Raspberry pi 4b 2 gb ram . I mean like does it take a really long time to disable revoked keys in the keyring updation??literally took like 20-25 minutes. Its is running on bootable USB

It does.

It’s currently a dependency for pacman, but come to think of it, we don’t use any repo packages that requires keys from that keyring.

I’ll remove archlinux-keyring from pacman dependencies next time we update pacman.

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Hm, I’ve also just noticed that the base package we get from Arch Linux ARM, also depends on archlinux-keyring now.

Also seems there is an open MR for pacman to fix the issue of it taking so long.

This MR would improve the speed on all keyrings, not just archlinux-keyring.

Really thanks for the update! I was just kinda worried that my OS was broken or smth.

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