Updates? Today? 04-15

Today the update tray icon reports ‘366 available update’. On this forum I can not locate a related topic in Announcements or anywhere else. What is the actual situation?


sometimes the forum is updated after the release - I’m sure you’ll see it pop up sooner or later. Always best to read it before applying it :slight_smile:

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Give them some time. Just wait a little longer for the announcement.

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You can see that the last stable-update post has closed, so it will soon be an update.


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OK, was waiting > 5 hours before posting! Today is probably a holiday in Germany :face_with_peeking_eye:

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@ Firestar You have noticed that it is now 04/15/22 and that means today’s stable update?

What are you talking about? Your reply makes no sense.

This morning there was at least a big Manjaro update on the German mirror servers. There are also reports of some issues with the update. It is surprising that there is absolutely nothing to read about it in the international forum.

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I have installed the updates on four computers: 2 * KDE and 2 * XFCE.
No problems.


That’s actually common that the updates come way before the update thread.

Oh, so it’s not just me then. Guess I’ll wait for a rundown of what breaks this time, as always )


The update went very smoothly, no issues here on my KDE. :slight_smile:

No major issues here on GNOME running on an AMD Ryzen 9. Funny though for me it was ~280 updates. I also saw a lot of GNOME related packages on version 42.x but the settings info screen still says I’m on 41.x

I am honoured that my post is used as an update report thread :star_struck:

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Maybe the Manjaro team had a hard night due to the Easter holidays. The update was still released and distributed on the servers, but then it was not enough to announce it after all. :partying_face:

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So far there has been no Manjaro announcement from version 21.2.5 to version 21.2.6. Let’s just do it ourselves…

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I am seeing 323 updates on the tray. I haven’t applied them yet. Better to read the update instructions in case anything breaks.

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Updated Gnome today and Double-“Super” to open all apps stopped working. Instead it just toggles Overview.

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The only (very small) issue I have come acorss is in the GNOME Edition, sushi has stopped working in Nautilus.

The error is:

JS ERROR: SyntaxError: expected property name, got '{' @ resource:///org/gnome/NautilusPreviewer/js/viewers/html.js:63

After some investigation it turns out that it is a bug reported upstream. The solution is to update gjs to 1.71.1. The current version in the repos is 1.70.2-1. Since this isn’t a do or die issue, I can wait for that package to be updated.

Double super still brings up all apps for me. Though it does need to be pressed quite quickly.


I just now updated successfully. Also updated to the 5.17x kernel. Successful there too as far as I can tell.