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I am planning to create a cron job for scheduled updated of my (Manjaro) system. Therefore, I am looking for update schedule for Manajaro Linux. Does the Manjaro Linux follow any regular pattern to release (minor and major) updates, for example releases updates every Monday, or after every 10 days or bi-weekly etc? Thanks

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No, there is no fixed update pattern. It depends on when the developers find it sensible to push updates. All in all there are the stable, testing and unstable branches you can use (default after installation is stable). For each branch there is an announcement section in the forum and it is advisable to read the announcements before updating. Also check the following links:


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
It means that the most I can do is to create a weekly cron job, in order to overcome this irregular updates schedule.

You can, but I would do it manually.

Sometimes there is manual intervention needed (which is then posted in the announcement). Also depending on your hardware setup you might have issues that get reported by other users in the same thread which is really useful. After the update you should give a vote in the thread’s poll to help others and the developers estimate how well that particular update is going.


I am sharing my cron job for regular updates check (just for info):
00 23 * * 0 export DISPLAY=:0 && /usr/bin/xterm -e sudo pacman -Syyu --noconfirm
It will launch xterm on 11:00 PM every Sunday and check for updates.

I have a 10 years old laptop. Very well supported by Linux :slight_smile:

That does not really mean a thing. (Semi)-rolling release distros differ from what most people coming from Ubuntu like distros know or are used to. But of course you are free to give it a go :wink:


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