Updates "Nothing to do"?

Why do updates say “starting full system upgrade”, implying there’s an action. But then says “there is nothing to do”?

Also, how do I fix the “Packages not in the AUR”?

$ sudo paru -Syu
:: Synchronizing package databases…
core is up to date
extra is up to date
community is up to date
multilib is up to date
:: Starting full system upgrade…
there is nothing to do
:: Looking for AUR upgrades
:: Looking for devel upgrades
:: Packages not in the AUR: linux-latest linux-latest-headers
there is nothing to do

Thank you.

Because you issued the command with -Syu, which would indeed fully upgrade the system if such an upgrade were available.

Because there isn’t anything to upgrade, in spite of you having ordered a full system upgrade.

What makes you think it needs fixing? Apparently it’s a message specific to paru ─ I’ve never used it, so I don’t know. Maybe the man page will explain. Have you tried… :arrow_down:

man paru


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I think this is simply telling you that those packages have been removed from the AUR.

I already answered you on the paru AUR page, why are you asking the same thing here?

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Those packages have been removed from the manjaro repositories and aren’t available in the AUR.

Those were meta packages, you want to remove them without removing your actual linux kernel and headers:

$ sudo pacman -Rdd linux-latest linux-latest-headers

And for that matter, twice in a row:roll_eyes:

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