Updates broke video when resuming from suspend Starbook V

Hi all,
I apologize for not narrowing down the specific update yet but when I received my Starbook V in December, I could suspend/resume just fine. I had it shipped with Manjaro XFCE and didn’t modify much other than swap the WM to i3. Typically from shutting the laptop then opening was always a noticeable delay before any video (aside from blinking), roughly 10s or so. After one of the larger recent updates, any resume results in video bugging out and only displaying a slight flickering. Usually either white lines although sometimes I can actually see the login screen for less than a second. Whats stranger is once this starts happening , I can’t even get CTRL-ALT-F1 through F5 to work. It does seem to stop the flicker until CTRL-ALT-F7 but I don’t see any terminal prompt either. The only thing that seems to work at this point is holding power until it shuts down, which is making debugging the problem that much harder.
Currently on 5.16.5-1-MANJARO
CPU: 11th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7
GPU: Iris Xe Graphics