Updates broke jellyfin

So I had a Jellyfin server running on a raspberry pi4 8gb running Manjaro. I performed an update (sudo pacman -Syu) and then launched the add/remove software GUI to update AUR packages. After doing this the jellyfin .bin packages seem to be no longer installed, and the server is no longer running.
When I attempt to reinstall I get errors that I just don’t understand how to fix or diagnose. Even attempts to remove and reinstall won’t complete.
Is been a bit since I did the initial install but I’m pretty sure the only version of Jellyfin that worked with Manjaro arm was the .bin packages.
Any help diagnosing this is greatly appreciated.

I had time to upload my packages I made a few days ago upgrading my jellyfin.



jellyfin package was moved from AUR to official ‘extra’ repo.
try sudo pacman -S jellyfin-server jellyfin-web

Not all is in the arm repo.

[ray@jellyfin ~]$ sudo pacman -Ss jellyfin
extra/jellyfin-ffmpeg 6.0.6-2
    Jellyfin fork of ffmpeg
extra/jellyfin-web 10.8.12-1
    Web client for Jellyfin