Updated motherboard and gpu. not booting

Old hardware: asus rog strix b450, amd ryzen7 5800x, amd xfx rx 5700xt.
New hardware: gigabyte x670 gaming x ax, and ryzen7 7800x3d, amd radeon rx 7900 gre.

I transfered my drives to the new system:
Sabrent rocket 4.0 1tb (os drive)
Another 2tb m.2 drive i keep my games on i cant remember the brand and it just comes up in the bois as c2000p3pssd8.
A samsung ssd 256gb
An AMD ssd 1tb
And an old 1tb hdd.
Ine eufi none of the drives show up on boot sequence list.
If i turn on csm support and try to boot from the sabrent i get a flash and a blank screen. I have windows on the samsung but haven’t booted into it in a couple years.
I put a new kde manjaro image on a usb stick but even though it shows up in boot options it states there is no os to boot into.
I also took the sata drives out and tried with just the m.2 drives. I have fast boot disabled. I updated to the lated firmare on mobo.

Anyone have any ideas on what i need to do?

Disable CSM. Only use UEFI for booting all devices. Always prepare future disks (and USB installers) using GPT partitioning rather than MSDOS.

It may be that the Windows you mentioned is installed as MBR - This is arguably incompatible with UEFI multibooting scenario. Remove it completely before attempting to install Manjaro.

Just a few (very) quick thoughts. Good luck.

Hello @usul75,

from the picture i see your system looks fine. And so you should take a look at your bios settings.

  • is “SecureBoot™” disabled? If not, disable it.
  • which boot mode is set Legacy or Efi? efi should be prefered.
  • does the bios/efi see your boot-usb-pendrive if its pluged in as available drive? If not in some mainboards you can disable usb-boot (for security reasons).
  • or you some other usb-settings doesn’t match
  • if you use your boot-usb-pendrive not on mainboards usb-ports (for example front-usb), are these ports connected the right way?

… good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Also throwing in the other common speedbump;
Unless you have some known reason not to - make sure SATA is set to AHCI not RAID.
(this probably wouldnt stop your media booting but could be a problem for installation)