Update warning in pamac: "parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp."


I am running XFCE and I get this warning every time I update in pamac GUI:
parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp.

Can I fix it or should I just ignore it?

I tried fixing it by adding the following line to ~.bashrc:
export HOME="/home/[username]"

But that did not work.

I know this post seems to be a duplicate of this topic:

But I am using XFCE with bash.

… but $HOME should be set

printenv | grep HOME

but I don’t know whether pamac runs in a separate/it’s own user context - and $HOME might not be set there.

It’s a warming - using /tmp is not a bad thing.
I’d ignore it after having investigated a bit the reason it is displayed.
I never saw this myself - can’t really help because I currently do not use Manjaro.

… in fact:
I almost never use pamac
only pacman - and yay for when I need the AUR

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I have it too and i have ignored it so far but it will be good to know what this is.

Just looking for clues: do you have rebuild-detector installed?

pamac can be configured to have its own $HOME, so to speak, and in the absence of such, it will use /tmp for compiling, linking and building the package. This is actually a good thing. :wink:

pamac has an option for where to build things.
I dont see any configuration for “$HOME” pertaining to pamac.

Are we sure this message is is coming from pamac?

I would think it comes from parallel.

…and we have covered this before.

I do wonder how so many people are using parallel without knowing it :thinking:
(or is it just in some bloggers random guide somewhere?)

I occasionally get that warning too, and I did not install parallel myself, so I’m guessing that it came installed by default on some ISOs. :man_shrugging:

It hasnt been on any of mine and its not a dep of pamac … so I still wonder.
Whats yours look like? Is it a dep of something?

Bingo — it’s a dependency of rebuild-detector.

Then there we are.
I also installed it to look at the config/docs …

But neither exists after install.
So I still cant give a good config-based solution here … but I would encourage users to … you know … investigate the tool they have running.

I have the same without installing anything.

…do you have parallel ?
(as already mentioned above … this message is not from pamac)

it seems i have parallel installed.

Also as above … I dont know why you have it … it may be from rebuild-detector like in aragorns case … but its not a dependency of pamac.
I also dont know enough about it to tell you how to configure it or how its running…
But it stands to reason that if you didnt have parallel you wouldnt see that message.

To test I installed pamac and quickly built botsay, without parallel, and did not encounter the message.

sudo pacman -R parallel
[sudo] password for varikonniemi:
checking dependencies…
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing parallel breaks dependency ‘parallel’ required by rebuild-detector

So … you have it because of rebuild-detector just like aragorn.

How its running all the time, etc, I dont know … but …

man parallel

yeah, but i never explicitly installed it. or rebuild detector.

edit: guess it got pulled in by some other package

Well you can look at the packages to see about them and their dependency chain.
As mentioned … its not pamac.

I have never seen it on KDE installs. But aragorn uses KDE and has it. Maybe from their own addition.
Maybe it came with your ISO. Maybe you installed something that relies on rebuild-detector.
I dont know … but I couldnt find either in the list of default packages.

i too use KDE

is it possible to query pacman for all packages that depend on it?


pactree -r parallel
pacman -Qi parallel | grep Required

And some others depending on how you want things.

Maybe also worth a note … I did a quick install of parallel just to see if that alone would impact pamac … and after doing another build job it did not. So the things are also ‘running’ somehow.