Update today fails and stuck

just now i get a notification about 850mb update. Clicked it, but it stucks at "renewing libsidplayfp ". I killed it after 5 minutes with the taksmanager, then i could not remove db.lck. Because, when i opened a terminal, and ls /var/lib/pacman, it didnt show anything, but stopped working.
Well, at least, i was forced to reboot, because the whole system frooze.

I could not boot 5.10, but gladly i have 5.4 installed, where i could run pacman -Syu.

It did run through, updated even libsidplayfp, still shows missing depencies at liboffice files at pacman -Qk (?), but the xserver still does not work on both kernels.
Right now, i am at a second installation (not updated), because its not the first time, that an linux update broke my system.
Now, how to continue with it ?

startx shows somewhat "libx11-so.6-6…(?) is to short, that is, what i remember.

Same problem here, hung during install, killed my conky, liboffice, kpat, clementine … same deal shows files too short… reinstalled office and clementine … most everything else is working … Wireless tools is jacked up also

When in doubt, and there are frameworks updates, or is a big update, always switch to TTY and run:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu

That does not help anything here. It simple quits with “nothing to do here”. At the meantime, i got with every pacman command 2 full pages, where ldconfig complains about empty files.
I do not even have some exotic things installed, Manjaro since 4 weeks, and now the 2 update, what breaks the system. This one complete.
And that was not the first time, because the same happend before some years after few weeks already, and i dropped Manjaro, because the updates totally messed it up.

Because you interrupted the update while was writing files.
Please check this

for that you simply do
sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck

was mentioned quite a lot in the forum …

You mean you interrupted the update and the system got broken … yeah, that can happen every time with a partial update. Maybe this will help.

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As i wrote above.
As i did try rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck, the terminal freeze, it was not a matter of not having root rights.

No, i did not mean that, and i did not even mention it. You did, and formed yourself an answer from that. Why do you do that?

The updates before some years simple broke it, i did not even had to interrupt it. Well, its not, “i had to interrupt” even in this case, i had no other chance, because i tried already to make a new topic here, BEFORE i reboot, but i could not finnish it, because my whole system did FREEZE and i HAD to reboot.
And that is nothing, what i find to be funny, when i am now here with a broken system, and only answer to some strange comments.

Done here.

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Running around in circles doesn’t get anyone anywhere.