Update to trying Manjaro on AML-S905X-CC

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I set up an SD per these instructions pretty easily, and finally got around to taking this board out of the pi tower, removing the flashed eMMc, and putting the SD in. Unfortunately, Le Potato doesn't boot. So far only the red and blue LEDs light. Per this:

There's red, green, and blue LEDs. If the board has power, red and blue are on. If UBoot is successfully booting up, blue goes off and green comes on. If you don't have a card or anything in, you get no output at all. Just red and blue lights.

I think it's the u-boot. I flashed the image to a Samsung EVO card, and have used it to run many images across many devices. I'm going to look into the documentation more and another thread where someone outlines how they installed Arch, and hopefully find the solution.

Sounds like you need the correct uboot to boot the device.

Sadly, Arch Linux ARM does not support the Potato either.

That's what I'm thinking too. I found a post where someone pulled it off, but reading into it more, it turns out they gutted an armbian install (likely for the uboot) and stuffed Arch into it. Doesn't sound pretty.

Sometimes it's whats easier. Especially if you don't know the build steps for the uboot source to get it, or the flashing addresses.

Fair enough. I'm curious if I'd have more success if I tried by using the Manjaro flash utility on my desktop.

What flash utility is that?
Neither Manjaro ARM Tools or Manjaro ARM installer supports that device and the uboot is not in the repo.

Gotcha. Know I know where to look, the board's u-boot documentation. I've already found its latest u-boot.


Update: Just saw that there is no onboard eMMC, which means you don't have a u-boot. You will have to get a working uboot for this device and then built an image for vim1(As it is supported in Manjaro-OEM-Tools then replace the dtb in uEnv.ini) But not to forget that you will have to add that uboot in the oem-tools function script to flash that uboot on the img.

I hope this helps.

This should help, thank you! You are correct, I removed it as the board uses the emmc-first boot priority and the emmc has an older Ubuntu image living on it right now.

I'll give your suggestion a try and report back with my results, or any questions that arise.

EDIT to add u-boot resources for later reference by myself (or anyone else interested in this,) b/c I'm at work.

Link to BayLibre U-boot repo. Board should be able to boot from mainline u-boot now, but link added for information to flash to SD card:

sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1
sudo dd if=fip/u-boot.bin.sd.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 conv=fsync,notrunc bs=1 count=444
sudo dd if=fip/u-boot.bin.sd.bin of=/dev/mmcblk0 conv=fsync,notrunc bs=512 skip=1 seek=1

EDIT2: Turns out I was behind the times. Plugged my eMMC back into the board the other day, and learned that Libre has moved to EFI/Grub. Going to try making an SD card without a bootloader, and see if I can use Grub to boot the SD. Unfortunately, I need to get a small USB keyboard I can use to interface with Grub before I can try that.

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