Freeze on brightness adjust

My screen freezes when I try to press Fn+Left/Right on my laptop

But I can move my cursor :slight_smile: or ctrl+alt+f2 and startx

There is no usable information here to even start to address your … issue.

I press Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 to change the brightness - since this is how this function is mapped on my notebook keyboard … and it works.

… now what?
(what to conclude from that) :wink:


or any Fx key between x=1 and x=6
will take you to a TTY

and “startx” will start a default desktop session from there

Maybe because I updated to 517 kernel, this didnt happen on 515

maybe …
that is at least some additional and perhaps useful information :wink:

… and it still doesn’t when you boot that one?
(don’t know whether it is still supported or EOL (end of life))

or do you not have it anymore
… to boot from?

Idk whats happening. Now my desktop doesnt start automatically. I downgraded to 515, but it didnt help

There is zero information about your system in here - we can all wildly speculate but not actually help.

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