Update the winehq to the latest version in the official repo

the latest winehq release is 9.3:

but the one in the official repository is old: 8.21
i hope that the manjaro team update it

If you need the latest and greatest software then compile it yourself :wink:

Wine is a package from ArchLinux and even there it is still 9.1: Arch Linux - wine 9.1-3 (x86_64)

9.1-2 will arrive soon at stable branch, when the next big update comes. There is no reason to fast-track it, since not security relevant.


Are you sure? Looks like 9.2 to me. :wink:

9.1-2 is currently available in the Manjaro testing and unstable branches.

Please see:

Like most packages, we inherit wine from Arch. The package is currently flagged out of date and the maintainer will update it when they have time.


thank you. i have change my branche to testing and now i can find the wine update in the pacman.

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