Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

Thunderbird is now on version 91.6.2-1.
It includes important security fixes, thx to limitations in this forum I can’t post links, but you can look it up in the official changelogs.

There is no need to request updates for Firefox, Thunderbird or Chromium. They are normally fast tracked as they become available.

See Manjaro - Fresh & Stable


Hi, can you please update rapid-photo-downloader for the most recent version? it has already more than a week…thank you.

0.9.31-1 is already in unstable. If it’s urgent for you then you could temporary switch to unstable branch, update and then return to your current branch. Usually, this is safe.

Both Arch and Manjaro Unstable have 0.9.31-1. You can either wait more time or switch branches.


Click “Donwload From Mirror”

Then install from Pamac. There is option to install local package. And then put to ignore update of this package in pamac, otherwise it downgrades. After the actual update arrives, you can remove this ignore.

(Sorry for my English. I’m still learning.)

Please update Unpaper to version 6.1-9 to fix a critical bug in several dependent packages.


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It’s available in unstable and testing:

If you need the latest version really badly, you can always switch to one of those branches.

Newer versions of openjdk seem to include important security fixes, among them 17.0.3.u7-2.
See CVE-2022-21449.

Maybe you could prioritize the new releases, to be included in stable as well.

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One suggestion, could we at least get a response, even if you don’t think that requests are severe enough?

Doesn’t this cover it… Manjaro Branch Compare openjdk

@stargazer I don’t know whether the point-up emoticons under your response are already meant to point to the explanation in the first post, but to explain this in text:
This thread has a purpose, which is to request for existing package updates to be prioritized, which means that instead of waiting for weeks or even months until they arrive in the “stable” branch, they arrive “now”.
This is useful or even necessary for security fixes and maybe other fixes for bugs that break functionality.

The branch compare shows only the status right now, which is a useful first step to inform yourself, but it is not what this thread is about.

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Would probably make sense to change the thread title to “Fast-track requests…” :man_shrugging:

I thought the reason for this thread (per #1), was both - expedite and notification. It seems sometimes packages fall through the crack and users bring it up. I guess, I was pointing out the trend that testing already contains 18. But you are right, and I bow out. Maybe someone from the Manjaro Team will respond to your request.

Just a reminder for anyone reading, the path of an update:

Friendly reminder: Read the first post before making a request.

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Hi, would it be possible to get 2.7.1-1 for keepassxc to stable? 2.7.0-2 currently has an issue with Yubikeys which prevents them from working with the keepassxc-cli.

Download it from a mirror (like fosshost) and let me know if it’s working. If so, I’ll push it to the stable branch.

Both libayatana-indicator and libayatana-appindicator were recently moved to arch repos from the AUR and are important dependencies for many packages. These are right now only available in Unstable branch.

Yes, and? If you already had them installed and/or built recently, they haven’t gone anywhere.

We may occasionally fast-track packages with important fixes, but if you want newer packages faster, switch branches.