Update requests for packages imported from Arch Linux

Of course! I should have looked at the testing branch first - I assumed, incorrectly, that the Arch packages directly went to stable.
Thanks a lot. Hoping to see a stable update soon :slight_smile:

To unstable actually, then testing, then stable.

Didn’t read first message giving you direction on how to post here, didn’t read last messages where people have been told to do as said in first message. So for a change instead of repeating the same thing over and over, read them to know why you are as many others asking for something that will lead in same answer.

…and Arch updated it today. The next Manjaro unstable sync will grab it.

I’m going to start outright deleting posts like that. I’m not going to repeat myself over and over and over. read the first post.


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arch konsole 21.08.0-2 fix 2 bug with 2 patch for konsole 21.08.0-1 in manjaro stable

Just pushed konsole 21.08.0-2 to testing and stable.

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Is outdated since 13.07.21 I have Updated the PKGBUILD (Skipped checksums, so No warranty)
Possibly to create an overlay for this on our repository?

Will update maintainers credits on next release

The current maintainer seems to be very active and updated several packages since then - did you try contacting him directly?

Hello, and sorry if this is the wrong category for this.

I don’t know if anybody noticed, but at the moment rendering Video with Audio via Blender is not possible in the Manjaro Repo-Edition, due to an incompatibility between Blender and ffmpeg 4.4. For more details see this bug report from blender, which got fixed in Blender 2.93.3 from blender.org but not in Blender 2.93.2, which is the current version in the repo.

As this bug is quite essential for all the people editing video oder creating animations with sound in Blender, and due to the fact that 2.93.3 is considered stable by Blender, the Repo version should be update fast.

As already implied, the current workaround is to use the version from the official website and redirect /usr/bin/blender to the extracted bin.

I’ve moved your post to the proper place. Please read the first post.

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Hi guys,

Thunderbird (email client) current stable version is 91. but Manjaro repos have either 78. or 92. beta.
Why is that? Why not to have current stable?



Because Arch hasn’t updated it yet. thunderbird-beta-bin is an AUR (Arch User Repository) package.

Thunderbird 91 is only offered as direct download from thunderbird.net and not as an upgrade from Thunderbird version 78 or earlier. A future release will provide updates from earlier versions.

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Sure, but get no response

Maybe Code needs to updated, I am not able to download extensions.:

? nothing new since 6 days, why re-open ? manjaro or archlinux, is the same version, is flagged in arch
Historically, always code is very late compared to aur versions
Exists some subjects here for resolve this

discord-canary … someone reported that needs updated on our end in this topic:

@bogdancovaciu I don’t think so: Arch Linux - discord-canary 0.0.128-1 (x86_64)
Ah okay I see, so we can fast-track it to stable

@papajoke Agree your point, but I contacted the maintainer get no response, so we can build it on our end like we do for the arm version? https://gitlab.manjaro.org/manjaro-arm/packages/community/code

There’s nothing to build, it’s binary source. I’ve just pushed it to all branches.

I’d like to request the update of avogadrolibs (Arch Linux - Package Search).
I’m trying to compile the latest version of avogadroapp from AUR without success (see discussion in AUR (en) - avogadroapp), and I think this may be related to the outdated avogadrolibs.