Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

sorry, it matters for me at the time of installation

Please update elementary-xfce icons

There are fixes for dark variant like this one:

For now i use git version but it comes from AUR

When upstream tags a new release, it will be updated.

@philm @oberon Kernel 6.1.4 build failed.


needs to be dropped or updated

Calamares needs an update to use boost-libs 1.81.0

:white_check_mark: Done with calamares 3.2.61-10.

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There is the current release-version zfs 2.1.9 that is not in the unstable branch yet.

See the change between zfs 2.1.7 and 2.1.9.

I can’t create a new post in the topic because it doesn’t have the button “Reply”. This is why I posted here.

post moved, weird that you couldn’t reply

systemd-kernel-maintenance received an upstream update: systemd-kernel-maintenance

2 posts were split to a new topic: MPV 1:0.35.1-2 have an issue with yt-dlp 2023.03.04-1

linux63 Linux 6.3-rc2 is not available until now on Manjaro. :slight_smile:

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mkinitcpio got some updates…

Yes, I’m aware. 35.1 is currently in Arch Testing.

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systemd 253 was released 6 weeks ago on 2023-02-15.

We are staying with the 252 series for the moment. There were many issues when 253 was first released.

I am running 253 stolen from Archlinux repo since 12.03. 2023
– no problems (afaik).

253.1-3 is the latest verison in the Arch stable repo. Are you running that version?

I understand/support that attitude for stable branch - but how bad are those issues (which ones?) that we still don’t dare it on unstable?

We were waiting for 253.2 as there were still issues reported with 253.1. Turns out 253.2 has just been tagged, so we’ll see.


YES - Version 253.1-3
Now testing: 253.2-1 from Arch stable
EDIT: NO ERRORS! - success