Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

6.0 is supported for 11 days, but ok…


Supported Platforms

  • Linux: compatible with 3.10 - 6.0 kernels
  • FreeBSD: compatible with releases starting from 12.2-RELEASE

Brave-browser got updated to v1.46.144 new stable.

Just a suggestion for linux-firmware:

# Maintainer: Philip Müller <philm@manjaro.org>
# Maintainer: Mark Wagie <mark at manjaro dot org>
# Contributor: Thomas Bächler <thomas@archlinux.org>

-pkgname=(linux-firmware-whence linux-firmware amd-ucode
+pkgname=(linux-firmware amd-ucode
+         linux-firmware-{whence,nfp,mellanox,marvell,qcom,liquidio,qlogic,bnx2x}
pkgdesc="Firmware files for Linux"
license=('GPL2' 'GPL3' 'custom')
validpgpkeys=('4CDE8575E547BF835FE15807A31B6BD72486CFD6') # Josh Boyer <jwboyer@fedoraproject.org>


prepare() {
  cd ${pkgbase}

  local _c
  for _c in "${_backports[@]}"; do
    git log --oneline -1 "${_c}"
    git cherry-pick -n "${_c}"

pkgver() {
  cd ${pkgbase}

  # Commit date + short rev
  echo $(TZ=UTC git show -s --pretty=%cd --date=format-local:%Y%m%d HEAD).$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)

build() {
  mkdir -p kernel/x86/microcode
  cat ${pkgbase}/amd-ucode/microcode_amd*.bin > kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin

  # Reproducibility: set the timestamp on the bin file
  if [[ -n ${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH} ]]; then
    touch -d @${SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH} kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin

  # Reproducibility: strip the inode and device numbers from the cpio archive
  echo kernel/x86/microcode/AuthenticAMD.bin |
    bsdtar --uid 0 --gid 0 -cnf - -T - |
    bsdtar --null -cf - --format=newc @- > amd-ucode.img

_pick() {
  local p="$1" f d; shift
  for f; do
    mkdir -p "$(dirname "$d")"
    mv "$f" "$d"
    rmdir -p --ignore-fail-on-non-empty "$(dirname "$f")"

package_linux-firmware-whence() {
  pkgdesc+=" - contains the WHENCE license file which documents the vendor license details"

  install -Dt "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}" -m644 ${pkgbase}/WHENCE

package_linux-firmware() {

  cd ${pkgbase}

  make DESTDIR="${pkgdir}" FIRMWAREDIR=/usr/lib/firmware install

  # Trigger a microcode reload for configurations not using early updates
  echo 'w /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload - - - - 1' |
    install -Dm644 /dev/stdin "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/${pkgname}.conf"

  install -Dt "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}" -m644 LICEN*

  # split
  cd "${pkgdir}"

  _pick linux-firmware-nfp usr/lib/firmware/netronome
  _pick linux-firmware-nfp usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENCE.Netronome

  _pick linux-firmware-mellanox usr/lib/firmware/mellanox

  _pick linux-firmware-marvell usr/lib/firmware/{libertas,mwl8k,mwlwifi,mrvl}
  _pick linux-firmware-marvell usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENCE.{Marvell,NXP}

  _pick linux-firmware-qcom usr/lib/firmware/{qcom,a300_*}
  _pick linux-firmware-qcom usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENSE.qcom

  _pick linux-firmware-liquidio usr/lib/firmware/liquidio
  _pick linux-firmware-liquidio usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENCE.cavium_liquidio

  _pick linux-firmware-qlogic usr/lib/firmware/{qlogic,qed,ql2???_*,c{b,t,t2}fw-*}
  _pick linux-firmware-qlogic usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/LICENCE.{qla1280,qla2xxx}

  _pick linux-firmware-bnx2x usr/lib/firmware/bnx2x*

package_amd-ucode() {
  pkgdesc="Microcode update image for AMD CPUs"

  install -Dt "${pkgdir}/boot" -m644 amd-ucode.img

  install -Dt "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}" -m644 ${pkgbase}/LICENSE.amd-ucode

package_linux-firmware-nfp() {
  pkgdesc+=" - nfp / Firmware for Netronome Flow Processors"

  mv -v linux-firmware-nfp/* "${pkgdir}"

package_linux-firmware-mellanox() {
  pkgdesc+=" - mellanox / Firmware for Mellanox Spectrum switches"

  mv -v linux-firmware-mellanox/* "${pkgdir}"

package_linux-firmware-marvell() {
  pkgdesc+=" - marvell / Firmware for Marvell devices"

  mv -v linux-firmware-marvell/* "${pkgdir}"
  # remove arm64 firmware #76583
  rm "${pkgdir}"/usr/lib/firmware/mrvl/prestera/mvsw_prestera_fw_arm64-v4.1.img

package_linux-firmware-qcom() {
  pkgdesc+=" - qcom / Firmware for Qualcomm SoCs"

  mv -v linux-firmware-qcom/* "${pkgdir}"

package_linux-firmware-liquidio() {
  pkgdesc+=" - liquidio / Firmware for Cavium LiquidIO server adapters"

  mv -v linux-firmware-liquidio/* "${pkgdir}"

package_linux-firmware-qlogic() {
  pkgdesc+=" - qlogic / Firmware for QLogic devices"

  mv -v linux-firmware-qlogic/* "${pkgdir}"

package_linux-firmware-bnx2x() {
  pkgdesc+=" - bnx2x / Firmware for Broadcom NetXtreme II 10Gb ethernet adapters"

  mv -v linux-firmware-bnx2x/* "${pkgdir}"

# vim:set sw=2 et:

@Yochanan Etcher update was 8m ago:

etcher has not been in the Manjaro repos for months. Please check the repos before making a request.

the kernel of 6.2-rc2 version was released. please update when you can. thx!

Yes, we’re aware, thank you. Please have patience, not everyone is off holiday.

In general, do not post here for packages that are always provided.

This is the second time in a week you’ve posted in this category due to your own impatience. Posts like this here (have been and) will be deleted without notice.

sorry, it matters for me at the time of installation

Please update elementary-xfce icons

There are fixes for dark variant like this one:

For now i use git version but it comes from AUR

When upstream tags a new release, it will be updated.

@philm @oberon Kernel 6.1.4 build failed.


needs to be dropped or updated

Calamares needs an update to use boost-libs 1.81.0

:white_check_mark: Done with calamares 3.2.61-10.

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There is the current release-version zfs 2.1.9 that is not in the unstable branch yet.

See the change between zfs 2.1.7 and 2.1.9.

I can’t create a new post in the topic because it doesn’t have the button “Reply”. This is why I posted here.

post moved, weird that you couldn’t reply

systemd-kernel-maintenance received an upstream update: systemd-kernel-maintenance

2 posts were split to a new topic: MPV 1:0.35.1-2 have an issue with yt-dlp 2023.03.04-1

linux63 Linux 6.3-rc2 is not available until now on Manjaro. :slight_smile:

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mkinitcpio got some updates…

Yes, I’m aware. 35.1 is currently in Arch Testing.

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