Update requests for packages built by Manjaro developers

apparently those were skipped for some reason at latest ver bumps … thanks. Fixing that now.

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A bit earlier I already submitted a bug report (Ark 7zip and zip compression not working properly and crashing Dolphin - #90 by alven) with versions which unstable has.
So may be to skip that update for the same “some reason” for others is a good idea.

The ‘some reason’ only concerns cosmetic pkgver bumps. The commits are in fact actually the latest if you use the ones on kde-unstable branch.

Hi, I think that manjaro-check-repos needs to be also updated, now that stable-staging has been dissolved :wink:. Not that it doesn’t remain functional, just spews an error about not finding that branch. :wave:

gitlab updated EDIT: and package, thanks Mark

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It is 1.205-1 now on the AUR. And its last update is several months ago.

But its 1.204-1 on the extra, pamac may see them as the same package (which is usual on pamac).

1.207-1will be arriving in x64 unstable and ARM unstable shortly.

Service pack 1040 for FreeOffice 2021 has released, but not in Manjaro repo yet.

It will be here soon. :wink:

I’ve pushed updates to mutter and gnome-control-center scaling packages.


SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1038 (2021-11-02) to revision 1040 (2021-12-02).

The update comes just one month after the last update and includes, among other things, a new version of the German grammar checker Duden Korrektor with additional grammar rules and an extended dictionary.

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@Yochanan auto-cpufreq 1.8.0 is out so it’s time to rebuild this package :slight_smile:

I dropped it from the repos. The code is sloppy and I’m not going to spend the time to patch it. The AUR package has been updated. However, it’s a blind version bump, so it might not work properly.

Okay, good to know, I will upgrade it with manjaro-chrootbuild using the gitlab pkg from Manjaro.

I use it on my test machine for the unstable branch.
It does not matter if it does not work, will try to patch it if necessary

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@philm mugshot is outdated and needs Python 3.10 rebuild.

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SoftMaker has updated softmaker-office-2021 from revision 1040 (2021-12-02) to revision 1042 (2021-12-17).

This update comes only two weeks after the last update. It must be a minor update, because usually SoftMaker publishes a detailed list of changes with each update. This time, however, the change log only contains the cryptic paraphrase: Miscellaneous bug fixes in all programs. So it’s hard to say what has actually changed. :slight_smile:

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