[Update Request] libcamera

I wanted to talk again about a subject that interests me, namely libcamera
There are some news on it:


Do you think that we can have this library integrated in Manjaro ARM ?
If enabled it would be a great improvement for our OS.

It’s latest tag (6 days ago) was 0.0.1. I would hardly say that is ready for mainstream adoption.

Are any mainstream applications able to use it now, or is it only specially built applications at this point?

We’ve heard about libcamera for about a year, but not much has happened in regards to adoption.

EDIT: Currently test building it to see if it builds. Can you test it for me?
You can download the test package here.

Thanks, I will test if this evening.

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It’s an easy package to maintain though, but I wonder what needs to be done for Arch to take care of it upstream. It’s currently in AUR as libcamera-git.

it’s a bit long to compile with lots of dependencies and arch dev didn’t like the AUR package if I remember well.

Compiled in my aarch64 cross-arch chroot in just under 10 minutes.

I only compile within the rpi4 and it’s longer…

That’s why I shared my package. :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delay. I can confirm it works !!

Thanks a lot !!

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Great, I’ll then add it to the repo soon.

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