Update Problem: "Building ceph..." filled my disk

Hi people, I’m here because I have a problem.
When I turned on my laptop I have receive the notification that I need to update packages (338 packages).
I accepted the update like always but this time takes a looong time and the message was: Bulding ceph…

Was very very slow all, I left my laptop in 30% of the process.
When I have check again my laptop, the surprise was found that didn’t finish the process and FILLED ALL MY DISK. I took an screenshot:

I have never been this problem before, always I update and all is perfect.
Anyone with same problem or possible solution?


next time try using the search function here, theres plenty of post regarding ceph…
remove the ceph-libs package first, also remove python2 packages, they were dropped, clear cache:
sudo pacman -Scc
rerun update again


You use ceph from AUR that would not be supported by Manjaro. That is not Manjaro issue

If you need to update packages without breaking, try to ignore ceph , example: IgnorePkg=ceph.

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You can easily delete ceph, it is usually no longer needed.


You may want to clear out cache and unused packages.

I run the following commands when the system is getting clogged up


sudo paccache -r
sudo paccache -ruk0


sudo pacman -Rsn $(pacman -Qdtq)
sudo pacman -Scc

sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=25M

remove cache older than 50 days
find ~/.cache -depth -type f -mtime +50 -delete

Building packages from source can take time, using a binary version may be preferably if available.

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Sorry for delay and thanks for all replies. I could solve the problem with your help.
Thanks for the community one more time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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