Update of neovide when?


Around 20 days ago neovim was updated to version 0.9. This update caused Neovide (a GUI front end of neovim) to break showing a blank screen on startup, but the neovide team released a fix two days later. Three weeks later, this fix still hasn’t made it to the Manjaro repos, so I was wondering why is it taking so long?


Yes, it has. See Packages and Switching Branches - Manjaro

Thanks for the reply! Though I don’t think I’m willing to switch to the testing branch just for one app.

And now that you mention it, I find it rather strange that neovim v0.9 made it into the stable branch on the same day it was released (April 7) while neovide v0.10.4 is still in testing after three weeks…

Arch updated neovim on April 7th while neovide was updated on April 9th. The April 11th stable update was snapped on April 8th.


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