Update notification on KDE does not work correctly

I am using KDE5.
The update notification does not turn back to “no updates” after I installed all updates.

It usually depends how you updated the system, and which update notifier icon you’re using.

Try right-clicking the icon and choose “check updates”.

I am using pacman -Syyu on console or tty.

Well, there you go. The update notifier icon doesn’t know about that. That’s why you have to manually reset it by having it check for updates.

The notifier icon will only go away by itself if you update via the graphical package manager. It has no knowledge of what you do in a terminal window. :wink:

Does anybody wish to address the use of this command? :man_shrugging:

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Yes. Add 3 more 'y’s for even better update.

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When upgrading on Testing the mirrors are not always ready, so it’s nice to do:

pacman-mirrors --fasttrack && sudo pacman -Syyu for bigger system updates, then:

pamac upgrade --force-refresh --no-confirm --devel

pamac may need force-refresh from time to time because … er …

pacman on the other hand rarely needs the double-y, and using it frivolously is a waste of resources.

(yours and the servers)

Go ahead - switch mirrors then use -Syu … it will be fine.

If I am using the GUI updater of KDE, the result is the same: the update notification does not turn back.

It turns back after restart of computer.

I can’t say I’ve noticed it, but then, I typically restart after an update; as every good little Manjaro user should usually do, right?

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The default GUI package manager in Manjaro is pamac-gtk or pamac-gtk3. The update notifier icon can be one of two different ones: pamac-tray-icon-plasma or octopi-noifier-frameworks.

If you are using the latter, then that’s completely unrelated to pamac and does not communicate with it. If the former, then it’s probably a bug in pamac — which doesn’t surprise me at all, I will cynically add.

(I’ll be 61 years old in 12 days. I reserve the right to be a curmudgeon. :smiling_imp: )

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