Update missing after restoring using timeshift

I today ran sudo pacman -Syu. There were plenty updates available, I started downloading it. Halfway through the download I quit the update and restored my PC with timeshift. Now when I run sudo pacman -Syu, it says everything is up to date. Why is it happening?


sudo pacman -Scc
sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syyu

The first command cleans your pacman cache, which might be slightly corrupted due to the interrupted update. If you get error messages please post them here.


What do we mean by Sudo pacman -Syyu?

The second y is needed whenever you update your mirror-list (here by pacman-mirrors -f) as this forces a full refresh of the package database and update all packages on the system.

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I did sudo pacman-Scc and now everything is fine.

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